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APHA Approves more than 1,200 horse shows, races, and trail rides. Your community probably offers plenty of competitive events for horses and riders, such as 4-H shows, team penning events, roping events, horse trials, and other activities that fall outside the category of "APHA-approved classes."

Even though APHA is not officially associated with these events, the association does want to recognize your efforts on your American Paint Horse. As a result, your accomplishments can be recorded on your registered horse's official lifetime performance record through PAC.

A variety of competition
PAC is open to almost any type of activity as long as the competition is sponsored by an organization that keeps official records, for up to one year, on the performance of all horses entered in the event. Keep in mind that for APHA to include the event in PAC, the recognized association, organization or affiliate must have a representative who agrees to keep records and will sign a verification form for the exhibitor. PAC events and breed point appointed events can be held in conjunction; however an exhibitor cannot earn points and credits in the same class. Credits from other breed or color registries that award national points will not count.

Easy to enroll and report
Although APHA membership is not required to enroll in PAC, you must be a member to receive any awards you earn from the association. Even though you don't have to own the horse you compete on, annual enrollment of the horse in PAC is required.

Once we have your enrollment form in the office you may begin earning credits. You will receive your PAC card and report form after your application is processed.

When you go to your next Paint Alternative Competition, have fun and do your best. When you place in the event, see the show secretary or manager and present them with your official exhibitor report form.

Ask the official to inspect your horse's registration papers to verify your participation on a registered American Paint Horse. Next, ask the official to sign the report form, which tells APHA how you finished in the event and how many horses were entered. Then, return the report form, along with a show bill or schedule, to APHA within 30 days of the event.

You will also have 90 days to submit any corrections on or to this form. You will then receive APHA credits based upon your placing and the number of horses
you competed against, using the same formula the association uses to award points to exhibitors at APHA-approved shows. (Point tabulation is outlined in the current Official APHA Rule Book.)F ©2009 

American Paint Horse Association P.O. Box 961023 • Fort Worth, Texas 76161-0023 (817) 834-APHA (2742) • Fax (817) 834-3152

or more information on PAC, email or call (817) 834-2742, extension 249



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